Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Drink Coaster Design Contest entry for Dr. Dog and memories of the past....

I heard about a design contest for a band my daughter and I both enjoy - Dr. Dog! I originally wasn't going to enter it, but I got an idea and decided to try just before the deadline. The design had to have the name of their tour and date on it 'Flamingo Hotel Tour 2015' also. So I began with some sketches, flamingoes are neat animals. Their mouths look similar to a baleen whales....

It had to be a maximum of 4 colors and in a 4" circle. It also had to be in vector on the computer. The title seemed like a retro 50's kind of theme. I like that because most art back then was hand done.

Here is the final. I don't know if I will win, but it was fun to make.
 The band is from Philadelphia. I actually lived there for a time. I was trying to find my way in the world after college and could not find work related to art, let alone any job. It was hard for me to find somewhere where I could fit in since the hand lettering sign industry died and that's what I grew up doing (although I didn't really grasp it at the time). So I was a bike messenger there, which was a neat experience. It was an interesting time. Anyway, fun, creative good music, see you at the show!


  1. i am not an expert at judging the drawings but these look marvellous a huge thumbs up from my side, keep up the cool work hope you succeed someday.

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