Friday, February 22, 2013

Nevada-Reno Game Day T-Shirt Designs

I met some big football fans in Reno, Nevada one time who asked if I could create a game day T-shirt design for the Wolfpack football team. They gave me some ideas of what they were thinking of and I did what I always do, started with sketches....

'Alphie' is the name of Reno's wolf mascot and the 'pistol' is a reference to name for the Wolfpacks offensive line.
Navy blue is their main team color so most of the desigins were on a navy shirt. This is one with the Fresno Bulldog...
 I made a related front pocket design for most of the designs, I thought this one was funny...
There is a fierce rivalry between Nevada-Reno Wolfpack and UNLV Runnin' Rebels and they have an old tradition. The team who wins the football game gets to take an old, restored cannon which was Captain John C. Fremont's on his expedition through Oregon, Nevada and California in the mid 1800's. They paint the cannon in the victors teams colors and keep it for the year.
Reno won 5 years in a row... 
It's been looking bad for the Rebels... 
And so it was. These are some of my favorite designs I did with them, they are fun to do and great people to work with!


  1. No doubt,you have drawn this beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountain so well that I cant get my eyes off from these sketches.You are one finest sketcher of this era.

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