Saturday, December 1, 2012

Zephyr Walls, Part 2 - Brick Wall/Whiteboard mural

On this project, the client wanted a large whiteboard area with a cracked-up, brick wall with windows and a fire escape stairway next to it. So I came up with a scaled sketch that they liked, rolled out the whiteboard paint, and went to work on it...

I used latex paints for the whole project. 

After I had the bricks finished, I painted an old fashioned, faded, 'ghost' mural sign for Zephyr.

 And in contrast, I made an old-school, "faux" spray painted, grafitti Zephyr tag over it with brushes.

This is the large whiteboard area that is used for meetings.

This is the far right edge of the whiteboard which I added at the end of the project.

 And here's where I signed it, and you can see the knockdown texture.