Monday, November 19, 2012

Zephyr Walls Part 1 - Flag Murals, Grafitti

Here is the first group of interior projects I did for the offices of Colorado based Zephyr Graf-x. They create and make a variety of headwear for colllege and hockey teams and they chose these flags and logos. I made the scaled shapes of the walls on the computer so the design would fit nicely. Math certainly was my friend.  All of the walls were textured and I used brushes and a combination of latex and oil based paints. Once I laid it out, it didn't take long to paint.


This is the Colorado State flag.

 It is hard to get a good photo of each mural in the stairwell...
I painted all of the lines by hand and used oil based lettering paint on the stars for coverage.
The 'Z' is Zephyr's logo.
And then on the backside of the NHL wall upstairs I designed a grafitti logo in colors that tied into the flags. I used latex paint here also and brushes on the textured surface. Here is the sketch first: