Monday, January 2, 2012

Dale's Market Mural

I grew up in a small town in New Jersey, and was living downtown in 1999 when the owner of a local grocer's shop approached me about painting a mural on the side of his building.

Dale's Market was a family business located in a historic old town, so I thought a mural with an old-fashioned market scene would be perfect. I decided to use sepia tones like you would see in an old photograph.

my original sketch for the project

This was the first big mural project that I did all on my own. The wall measured about 16 feet by 45 feet, was very patchy and rough.

I worked on the mural in between other projects throughout the fall and included elements that I thought people would find interesting.

 There is a canvas awning along the front of the building which I carried along the side of the building to become a part of the mural.

 I finished the job the day before I married my wife, who also grew up in this small town. The next month we packed up a truck and moved to sunny Colorado.

Here we are with our family, seven years later.

And here is our daughter, 11 years after I first painted the Dale's Market mural. It has held up very well. We stop by to take a look at it every time we return to New Jersey to visit our families.