Friday, April 6, 2012

Sweet Swine Pork Rinds Hat~ Zephyr Billboard Hat

I usually write about my freelance work, but something really unusual happened this week and I wanted to share it here. For my day job, I work at Zephyr Graf-x, a Colorado hat and sports apparel company, as a graphic artist. I have been working there for 12 years, and do most of the design work by hand, and enjoy making custom fonts especially, as I have always liked lettering.

Back in 2004 I worked on a line of Billboard style hats, with pretend goofy logos and lettering for a variety of made-up quirky businesses. We had fun thinking up funny ideas, such as the "Gas Guzzler's Club," with a logo of a big Hummer pulling a gas pump out of the ground, or "Dewey's Gooey Donuts," with a tagline, "All the fat and twice the sugar."

Here is a close-up of one of my favorites, "Frat Boys Moving- We care!"

You may have read about the bizarre Mega Millions news story about Mirlande Wilson and her claim to have won a piece of the lottery prize... Well, this week at a news conference, she wore one of these Billboard hats, and it has caught the interest of media outlets from Fox News to the Washington Post.

I also stumbled upon this article from the Washington Post about the hats, too. It seems the Sweet Swine Pork Rinds Hat has been drawing a lot of attention this week! I have a lot of these hats, and actually wear them a lot. I even have a few Billboard T-shirts, too. "Happy Hobo Used Tapes and Records" is another one I really like.

You can see by their condition that I have worn these hats a lot over the past eight years. I gave some prototypes out to friends and family over the years, and they have had a lot of fun wearing them, too.

It looks like the hats are availble to buy online here at Hatmonster or at any shop where Zephyr hats are sold. This has all caught me off guard- what an interesting end to my week.