Friday, January 27, 2012

Notre Dame Irish Logo

I do design work for Zephyr Graf-x, a company that creates hats for college sports teams, among other things. Some time ago I was asked to do an update of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo to make him look tougher. This was for a custom hat line from Zephyr.

I went right to work, sketching out dozens and dozens of ideas for this project. This was a really fun challenge for me; Notre Dame is a high profile school and every detail had to be perfect. We needed a modern look for their mascot that respected the spirit of the original. There were many revisions throughout the long approval process.

I went back to the drawing board many times. This is about a tenth of the ideas I sketched during the design process. The other thing I had to keep in mind is that this logo needed to be one that would embroider nicely onto the hat.

Here you see the original logo on the left and the final upgraded Fighting Irish on the right. I think the design embroidered really well onto the hats.

Zephyr makes many different variations of hat styles with this logo I designed.


  1. What a fun project to work on! He looks great.

  2. Amazing design. South Carolina needs an upgrade too.

  3. Awesome - The Fightin' Irish guy is a big part of our life as our daughter attends Springfield Catholic High School in Springfield, MO. I love your work. ~Kelly

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