Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fruit Stripes Zebra

My wife likes to design knitting patterns. Sometimes for fun, she includes an illustrated greeting card with the knitting pattern pdf. This zebra drawing is for a colorful striped scarf she designed. First, we liked the idea of a zebra in a library.

Then we decided to change it to a zebra in her living room.

And we wanted to include a neat clock on the wall, which also makes an appearance in the photos of the scarf.

The final illustration looks like this.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Loveland Classical Schools Wall Logo

I was asked to paint the logo of Loveland Classical Schools on the exterior wall of the building, which was formerly a church. I started with one evening of laying out the logo. I mounted my overhead projector on a ladder in my truck bed, and transferred the logo to the stucco wall with charcoal.

On day one I painted the logo in primer.

I used a big, old paintbrush that happened to be my grandfather's.

On day two, my dad and I painted the entire logo in the school's color, maroon.

The local newspaper came out to take some photos and interview us for a story, which you can read here:

On the third day I added a second layer of maroon to the logo and lettering, and touched up the remnants of the logo left behind. Reds are the hardest colors to cover.